How to use the app
Multiple ways to Login

MaskCount is currently available only as a Web App. That means you don’t download it from an App Store. Just click the “Go to App” link in the menu above to access it right from here. Or, type directly into device’s Web browser. Then, to register and start using it, you have several options. If you don’t want to create and remember another username and password, use an existing account like Facebook, Google, Twitter or Apple. Alternatively, you can register by using an email and password via the @ button, or you can try “passwordless” login options using an email address or phone number.
Start a New Session

From the “New Session” screen, it’s just one click to start a new session beginning at your current location. Your device might request geolocation permission to start a session.

NOTE: If you get an geo-location error, you might need to update your device’s settings to make sure your device’s Web browser has permission to share your geo-location. See our FAQ section for more if that happens.
Record Observations

Either while on the move or stationary, you can easily and discreetly record how many people you see wearing masks (blue button or swipe-right), not wearing masks (red/orange button or swipe-left), or partially wearing masks (yellow button or swipe-down). You can do this either by clicking the buttons or by swiping. “Partial” mask wearing means anyone wearing a mask covering part of their nose or mouth, but not completely covering both their nose and mouth. Wearing a mask under the chin, on their head, or dangling from their ear should be captured as “no mask.”
Review Previous Sessions

Once you’ve finished a session and saved the results, you can easily review your previous sessions and observations details on the “My Sessions” part of the App. Here you will see the name of the session, the percentages of mask-wearing types you observed during that session, and some other details about the session.
Around me

On the “Around me” section, you can consult data that you and other Citizen Scientists have recorded using MaskCount. These data are displayed in geo-boxes of different sizes depending on the zoom-level of the map view on your screen. It starts by showing data from nearby, but you can also zoom in or out to see more detail, and you can change the date to view data from previous days. If you select of the info-bubbles for a geo-box, you can see more details about the observations covered by that box.
Manage Settings

From the Settings section, you can customize your avatar and display-name. You can also see the achievement badges you earn the more you use MaskCount, monitor statistics and manage language preferences. 

Swipe for Science

This animation shows the options to record observations. You can use the MASK, NO MASK, or PARTIAL MASK buttons. To make capturing data even easier and more discreet, you can also use the bottom box as a swiper: swipe right for MASK, swipe left for NO MASK, or swipe down for PARTIAL MASK. Also, if you observe and wish to enter multiple counts of a certain type at once, you can use the number selector, scroll to select the number, then either tap or swipe to capture that number of observations for the type of mask-wearing behavior you observed.