The MaskCount™ app allows anyone to contribute real-world data to the effort to understand COVID-19.

MaskCount is a Regenstrief initiative that needs your help to provide researchers with real-world observations.

How? Use your device to easily and anonymously collect mask-wearing behavior.

Regenstrief scientists will analyze the data you submit to generate new information and knowledge that can inform decision-makers around the globe. Regenstrief also partners with local researchers and public health professionals to directly analyze regional data.


About the MaskCount™ app

MaskCount™ from Regenstrief Institute lets users easily and discreetly document the number of people they see wearing and not wearing masks without identifying anyone. This anonymous information is analyzed by scientists and may be combined with other COVID-19 data, such as case counts and hospitalizations, to better understand outbreaks and public health policy impacts.

The app is available for users across platforms as a Web-based app. The app protects privacy by allowing users to simply provide their location and the numbers of people they see wearing or not wearing masks; the app does not allow people to take pictures or enter any identifying information. Users can enter information as frequently as they choose and consult data from others around them to see mask wearing trends in the area.


MaskCount™ was created by project leader and principal investigator: Peter J. Embi, MD, MS.

Thanks go out to our many advisors, beta testers, language translators, and others who gave us feedback along the way, including in particular, the following individuals who went above and beyond: Brian Dixon, PhD; Umberto Tachinardi, MD, MS; Jennifer Williams, MS; Sara Minard, MA; Marcelo Lopetegui, MD, MS; Eneida Mendonca, MD, PhD; Todd Saxton, PhD; Kun Huang, PhD; Sarah Wiehe, MD, MS; Shaun Grannis, MD, MS; Maurizio Mattoli.

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